Time of Renewal

This will be a strange Easter indeed. Usually Christians flock in droves to their respective churches, attendance rivaled only by Christmas. Families gather with song and worship, and then feast before admiring the change of seasons. Eventually, they return home with a sense of renewal that the Easter season always promises. However, this year will be very different.

With the COVID-19 scare, this year churches will be mostly empty. The pews will stare back at the clergy with an uneasiness that will feel unnatural, as it should. Churches are made for gatherings, large gatherings, but this year all of that is on hold.

As we remain at home this year, we shouldn't be disheartened. We can still celebrate through television, radio, and the Internet. With the technological tools available today, we can still see and "meet" with our families albeit virtually. Not ideal, but certainly we have methods that provide viable alternatives.

A slight inconvenience should not sully the brightness and newness promised each year with the Easter celebration. There will be many questions about COVID-19 during the upcoming year. I have little doubt that they will be answered and our knowledge will make us stronger and better prepared. Until that time, remember that renewal is a part of life and is promised to all who seek the truth.

Happy Easter!

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