Welcome to PoliticalFAQs.com.  This is a website dedicated to enhancing our understanding of American government so that we become more informed and effective citizens.

As an instructor and professor of American government, I understand the constraints of conveying large amounts of information in the short period of a college semester.  Although many students are taking American Government (or a derivative of that title) as a general education requirement, it is truly one of the courses that can be useful for life.  One of the goals of higher education is to mold productive citizens, and the understanding of our complex system is essential to this goal.

The American constitutional system is one of the most complex structures of government in the world.  This is mostly because of the dual authority of the states and the U.S. government that exits under our system of federalism.  In many American Government classes, this matter is swept to the side, and the concentration becomes Washington, D.C.  However, this method ignores the 10th Amendment which still has a large impact on our country.  An example is Medicaid: the delivery of this service is dependent on an individual state’s arrangement with the federal government.  Shared programs are an integral part of today’s federalism, but its teaching and understanding, I fear, are lacking in today’s world of higher education.  However, I will not be critical without offering a solution.

As a state representative, at times I am in contact with advocates proposing decisions for the public, but all the while lacking the depth of understanding needed to be really effective while avoiding mistakes of the past.  This is the essential mission of this website: to provide a broader, deeper, and more solid foundation of understanding so that those involved in making public policy (hopefully all of us, at least to some degree) more clearly realize the distinction from what might work and from those policies that are doomed from the beginning.  Understanding American government is a life-long endeavor, and this website is also dedicated to this mission.  However, first thing’s first.


We begin this website with the first goal of providing supplementary information for the study of American government.  Foundations, rights and liberties, branches, participation, and policy making will be addressed in a format made for today’s learning: the FAQs Sheet.  Each topic is divided into various FAQs Sheets, and then subtopics are introduced by a Frequently Asked Question about American government.  This is followed by the short answer (good for review before an examination), and then a more detailed, in-depth answer which serves to enhance class discussion or prepare for a possible essay exam.

In any class, repetition is essential in learning.  This convenient, concise method of delivering information about our government, and the factors impacting that government, should serve as the reference source making a difference in the study of government and the life-long duty of input as active citizens.  Therefore, it is our goal to always offer a reliable supplementary source of governmental and political knowledge for the perpetuation and continual improvement of American public policy.